Meet Our Board


Our Board of Directors is made up of very dedicated community volunteers who recognize the value of consistent, engaging, quality childcare for families in the Edgerton area.

Chris Hogarth, President

Chris has been part of the Eagles Nest Board of Directors since the beginning of our organization in 2015. Chris heads up the Fundraising Committee as well as being part of the Accreditation Committee. Chris is employed by Baker Hughes as an Account Manager. Chris became part of the Eagles Nest because he realized the town of Edgerton needed help taking care of hard working Edgertonian’s children, and believed the program would also bring new faces to our little oasis called Edgerton.

Brandon Thompson, Vice President

Brandon is a teacher in the Edgerton school and joined the Board of Directors in October, 2019. Brandon is Dad to three children and also volunteers time on the Edgerton Arena Board. 

Barb Sjoquist, Secretary/Treasurer

Barb is one of the founding members of the Eagles Nest Out of School Care & PreSchool programs. Barb carries the Secretary/Treasurer responsibilities for our programs and is also involved in the Communications through looking after our website. Barb has also been involved in fundraising through Grant applications. Barb retired in 2017 after 25 years serving as Mayor of our community and continues to be active in community building through other avenues.

Betty Klasen, Director

Betty is a Director with our Eagles Nest Child Care Programs, appointed to the Board of Directors in August, 2016. Betty is in charge of the Edgerton Post Office as our Post Mistress.

Ashley Johnston, Director 

Ashley joined the Eagles Nest Board in May, 2019.  Ashley is a full time pharmacist at the Wainwright Health Centre and a Mom to 3 busy little boys. She joined the Eagle's Nest Board of Directors in 2019 because she feels it is a wonderful program to have in our community.  Ashley wanted to become more involved as her family will be utilizing these services and she is impressed with what the program has done for our children and the community so far.

Jenna Heim, Director 

Jenna joined the Eagles Nest Board in May, 2019. Jenna is a Mom of three and is a full time Dental Hygienist. She joined the Eagles Nest Board because it is a program that she knows is needed in our community and one that supports her family and many others as well as support for our school.  

Ashley Chesterman, Director

Ashley became part of the Eagles Nest Board in May, 2019. Ashley is employed full time at ATB in Wainwright and is Mom to two littles. Ashley enjoys the fundraising aspect of Eagles Nest, coming up with new creative ideas. 

Brie Glaicar, Director 

Brie rejoined the Board of Directors in 2020 after a hiatus to obtain an Education Degree. Brie is now an elementary teacher in the Edgerton School. 

Ashley Sparks, Director 

In May, 2019 Ashley joined the Eagles Nest Board. Ashley is Mom of two children and also operates two home based businesses, one of which is our Edgerton Sand Paper, keeping everyone up to date on community happenings.