Fundraising & Donations

As with most if not all, Not for Profit Organizations, fundraising is a critical part of being able to have the programs that we do available as a service to our families and community, while providing support to our school at the same time. The Eagles Nest programs run on a very tight budget in our efforts to keep our fees as low as possible and yet still provide high quality programs, childcare and staff with the highest level of certification. 

As can be expected, the largest expenses for our program include staffing related expenses and insurance. We do not have a program if we do not have the trained and qualified staff that we are so fortunate to have. Additional expenses include cleaning supplies, supplies for each space, furniture, activity materials.  

We wish to acknowledge donations made in Memory of Loved Ones 

  • In Memory of Adley Ellen Duff by OJ's Leisure Products 
  • In Memory of Nina 'Bunty' Leskow by the Cheung Family 

The following are our 2022/23 fundraisers: 

  • BBQ & Bake Sale @ Zajic Corn Maze - September 18, 2022 11AM - 3:00PM
  • Cash Calendar - Cash Raffle. TWICE!! The first will be starting in September, draws to take place in November 2022. The second will be staring in March, with draws to take place in April 2023. 
  • Hamel Meats - (TBD)
  • Mothers Day Flower/Veg Baskets - (December 2022 for May/23 delivery)
  • Stuck On You Online Fundraiser - (ongoing) Link to order: Stuck On You Fundraiser
  • If you are interested in donating to the Edgerton Eagles Nest Out of School Care,  Little Eagles or The Nest Daycare Programs you can contact Amanda Poisson, Program Director or Brandon Thompson, President.